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Simple & Affordable Advertising Solutions for your Business

Are you Looking for an Edge on your Competition?

  • Fact 1: Your top competitors are advertising online.
  • Fact 2: They are stealing new business from you.
  • Fact 3: Without taking action your business will eventually suffer.
  • Fact 4: The right online partner can give you the edge you need.

What is it that we do?

We place paid ads on Google Search when someone does a relevant search for services related to your business. Your ads only show when someone is looking for service which makes this method a very efficient way to advertise.

Unlike Facebook and print advertising (magazines, post cards, yellow pages,etc), we only show your ads to people looking to buy your services or products.

This Service is Not for Everyone

Optimized Search Advertising is not for everyone. Our services are designed for business owners who are actively looking for new revenue. If you do not need more clients, then OSA is not for you.

Why work with NIC Advertising?

Because we developed a cutting-edge version of Optimized Search Advertising (OSA) that can save you up to 30% on your online advertising costs! OSA takes advantage of the Google Advertising algorithm and maximizes the number of quality clicks while creating a barrier against undesirable traffic.

Do you want to know more? Give us a call to schedule a phone appointment (in-person available in AZ and FL) to go over your particular lead generation needs. As a bonus we will tell you about a hidden gem of the online advertising world that costs practically nothing, and can improve your online leads by 20%.

You can reach us at 480-862-6131 weekdays from 10am to 7pm MST (1pm to 10pm Eastern).