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Simple & Affordable Advertising Solutions for your Business

Are you Looking for an Edge on your Competition?

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about advertising? If you don't need more business then you're already there and there is nothing interesting for you on this page. But if you aren't in that case, if you aren't flooded with business you can't handle, then you need to worry about advertising.

Unfortunately, in today's market the reality is that the biggest challenge is not to find the right type of advertising, it is to find the right provider. Between the web designers that disappear overnight and the large companies that promise you the world but under-deliver, it can be pretty tricky to find the right fit.

NIC Advertising provides a simple and affordable alternative for your advertising needs.

Client Check List

  • Do you need more customers/clients?
  • Can your business handle more clients?
  • Are you tired of feeling uncertain about your advertising?
  • Do you want advertising to be one less thing to worry about?

NIC Advertising Advantages:

  • No contracts - Leave us at any time
  • 7 years experience
  • Many clients with us for 4+ years
  • Experience across various industries
  • Easy to reach - We speak your language
  • We set realistic expectations

Our Expertise

  • Creation & management of Google Search Advertising campaigns
  • Creation & management of Remarketing banner campaigns
  • Conversion tracking - call tracking
  • Custom website design
  • Custom WordPress website design (template/theme creation)
  • Internet video production (limited to South Florida)

We Understand your Anxiety!

  • 85% of our clients had prior bad experiences
  • 95% of our clients started advertising in print before web
  • Most were nervous about investing money into something new
  • Many were anxious that their business could not be advertised online

Your Time is Now!

Google is changing every day. The internet is evolving. Right now Google offers a platform that can be very beneficial to the right business. Sometimes as effective as 3x more effective than print advertising. But things change fast. Your time is now. We don't know what tomorrow has to offer. We know that today advertising on Google is still effective and affordable. Depending on what changes they make in a year from now, this statement might not be true anymore. Seize the moment and get started today!


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