Reduce Your Advertising Costs by 30%

Proven Methods for Small Businesses

Are You Frustrated with your Internet Advertising?

Internet advertising can be very confusing for business owners. Trying to determine which product produces which type of customer response can be a real challenge. If you are not dealing with a reputable advertising agency you could be spinning your wheels while your competitors keep monopolizing leads coming from the internet.

Small Business Owners and the Internet

  • Fact 1: Your top competitors are advertising online.
  • Fact 2: They are stealing new business from you.
  • Fact 3: Without taking action your business will suffer.
  • Fact 4: The right online partner can give you the edge you need.

Who is Google Advertising for?

Google advertising is best suited for professional service providers and small business owners 5 to 100 employees. Google advertising is particularly appropriate for legal and elective medicine practitioners, plumbing, A/C, landscaping, auto sales, auto repair, and equipment rental.

What we can do for you with Google Advertising

Google Advertising enables us to precisely match you with prospective customers looking for service. When you clicked on our ad on LinkedIn you weren't looking to purchase any advertising. You might be now, but that isn't the reason why you came to LinkedIn in the first place.

With Google Search Advertising, we can display your ads to people who are currently searching for a service provider. Someone looking for your services is a very good type of lead, wouldn't you say?

How much does Google Advertising cost?

Monthly cost for Google advertising depends on what you do, where you do it, and how many people live in your target area. A personal injury lawyer in a large metro area might spend 20 times more than, a copyrights lawyer in a farm area. Having said that, the average business will spend about $1,400/month with us.

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